Xiaomi Mi Max phablet

Xiaomi-Max-phabletAfter numerous teasers, rumours and leaks. Xiaomi announced via aWeibo post that it will be launching its 6.4-inch Mi Max phablet at the Beijing National Convention Centre in China on May 10.

The reveal shows of off a number of flyers revealing the date of the launch along with the word “Max” written in bold.

It was just recently that we got out first official glimpse of the smartphone along with an idea of its size. Seems that even with its purported 6.4-inch display, Xiaomi has made a number of tweaks to ensure that users get a better screen to body ratio ensuring that the physical size of the smartphone does not grow too big with a larger than life display. Xiaomi’s earlier teaser that showed up at the Mi forums confirmed the above revealing how the smartphone snuggly fits into a regular jeans pocket as shown in the image below.

Apart from this there is very little that is know about this phablet device. The 6.4-inch display aside, we also know that the device is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. This would be similar to the one in the company’s recently launched Mi 5 flagship.

Also leaked out through leaks of the smartphone’s renders is its design, that shows of form factor similar to one on the Mi 5, but with a metal back instead of a 3D glass cover. The rest of the components including the camera seems to have a placement similar to the Mi 5.

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