Wireless Motion Sensor Home Security Alarm – House / Office / Shop

Wireless IR Motion Sensor home Security Alarm Alert system

This sensor alarm can keep you aware of intruders or visitors in your home. It extends your security system. It’s suitable for home, office, shop, warehouse, shed etc.


* Brand new, high quality.
* Working Current:100mA
* Wireless, infrared detector, motion-activated
* Detection area: 10m/ 30 feet long and 110 degrees wide
* Include 2 direct infrared remote control (Up to 30m/ 100 feet), please use it directly facing to the sensor
* Support 220V Charger (not included)
* Don not fix this senor near Heating materials
* Please check its sensitivity monthly, to make sure it is in good condition. Change batteries every 3 month if you don not use 220V charger.
* Alarm Power Supply: 4 x 1.5v AA batteries or 6v DC power (not included)
* Remote Control Power Supply: 3 x AG13 batteries(included)
* Use For:Warehouse roll up doors; Inside display cabinets;Restricted area protection;(patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alert;Home Security
* 105 dB loudness , Extremely loud, an ideal guardian against the unwanted intruder whether you are in or out .
* Each Remote power by 3 AG13/RL44 button batteries.
* Dimensions: 85 x 47 x 123 mm(L x W x H).
* The device should be 10-30 degrees with the wall , under this condition , its detection area will be farthest.

How to USE:

1. When you are ready to activate the unit- when going out or at night while retiring to your bed or during anytime in the day, just press the button once on REMOTE to “arm”  very close to the PIR- Remote should face the PIR (as you do with TV remote).

2. You will see green light flash on PIR. You should then move away from the PIR before green light is switched off automatically in about 15 seconds. Now, PIR is “armed” or “activated” and ready to function. Please note that you must leave the room/area where PIR is installed before green light is switched off, else you will trigger the alarm.

3. When anyone enters through the door or window or open passage, thus crossing the PIR range of main unit installed at that place (like near the door entrance on the wall or near window wall or garage entrance or wall near the open balcony), PIR unit will pick up the motion from any distance up to 5-8 feet away or 110 angle, and red light will flush and 105dB siren sound will be emitted by the unit within 5-6 seconds, thus giving you alert. This alarm will continue for about 45-50 seconds. Please note that when you enter the room/area where PIR is installed, it will sense the motion and trigger the alarm after 5-6 seconds, therefore, it is important that you “disarm” the PIR by pressing the button on remote controller when YOU yourself enter the room/area.

4. This way, only you can “arm” or “disarm” the PIR, and even if thief/intruder does find/see the PIR upon entry, he can NOT disarm it as it has no ON/OFF button..!!! And by the time he can do something about it, you have already been alarmed by the loud siren of PIR.

5. Batteries: The PIR unit needs four “AA” 1.5V batteries (not supplied by us), two remote controllers have three button cells in each (supplied by us) and readily available in the market. Please note that the PIR has to be on all the time as there is no ON/OFF button, however, when you do not want it to function, you can remove the batteries. If you desire, you can charge PIR unit with 8v adopter (not supplied by us).

Use For:

Warehouse roll up doors
Inside display cabinets
Restricted area protection
(patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alert
Home Security

Package Size:
30cm x 30cm x 20cm


  • 1 x Wireless home Security Alarm system (power by 4 AA batteries, Not included)
  • 2 x Remote Control.      (3 x AG13 batteries(include))
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket.

Price: 1000/- INR India

Buy Now: http://www.ebay.in/itm/Wireless-Motion-Sensor-Home-Security-Alarm-House-Office-Shop-/180749410085?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_203&hash=item2a15811f25


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