WhatsApp to add blue tick on/off option in next update


WhatsApp recently updated its messenger service to allow senders to receive a read receipt for their sent messages. This feedback is in the form of two blue tick marks on the message they sent.

However, may see this new feature as a two sided sword. While some appreciated the move because many could know that their messages were acknowledged, other felt it could cause a big issue to those in relationships. One would have to reply back immediately to avoid misunderstandings with the sender.

However, a report on SoftPedia states that WhatsApp has finally (possibly) acknowledged the issue and will release a new update which has the option to keep the blue tick feedback on or off.

At present, according to the report, one of the beta testers have confirmed that WhatsApp has implemented the feature to turn off the blue tick in the next update and they are testing it.

For now, you can avoid the read messages being sent to the reader by a simple trick. Read more on how you can avoid the blue ticks by clicking on the link below.

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