UNINOR Balance / Talktime Transfer

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you really wanted to make a call but had no balance? Uninor now brings to you a service that lets you borrow talktime from your friends and even transfer yours to them.

How to ask for talktime?
You can ask your friends and family for a transfer incase of an emergency. This is known as the ASK feature. You can do this by dialing -*201*<MSISDN of Y>*<Amount>#. E.g. – If you want to request for talk time of Rs.15 from your friend then you need to dial *201*9887654321*15#.This feature is toll free.

How to transfer talktime?
Dial*202*<10 digit Mobile Number>*<Amount in Rs> #, for example: *202*9059123466*10#

How much does it cost?
A processing fee of  Rs.2 will be deducted from the amount transferred.
For example: if you transfer Rs.10 to your friend, Rs.10 will be deducted from your balance and your friends balance will be credited with Rs.8 ( Rs.2 will be deducted as processing fee) A minimum of 2 recharges are required to avail the balance transfer facility. You can receive/send or ask balance transfer up to 7 times a day.

Things to note about talk time transfer:
The Balance transfer facility is applicable between any Uninor number within the circle. You can transfer or request a min of 5 and a max of 50 at a particular time. This product is available in the telecom circles of Karnataka, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu.

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