Tata Nano Diesel

Tata Nano Disel

Tata Nano Diesel

Expected time of launch: Mid 2015

Expected price: Rs 1.5-2.5 lakh

The Tata Nano has fizzled out both in terms of popularity and in terms of sales figures in recent times due to several issues. Predominantly, Tata’s positioning as the ‘cheap car’ may be to blame for the long-term failure of the Nano. The Nano though is not a bad car for what it costs and the new updated Nano that was launched a few months ago has incredible fit and finish considering how cheap it actually is. Mechanically though, with the exceptions of small improvements in certain areas, the Nano has remained unchanged since launch. Although there have been rumours of a bigger engine with a turbocharger on the cards too, the first upgrade that we will see to the Nano is the addition of the AMT gearbox.

Although there have been very strong rumors to suggest that the Nano Diesel project has been internally scrapped due to Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) issues, the time and money spent on the project will ensure that the Nano Diesel will see light of day. The New Nano will also receive a facelifted front and rear bumper and will see a slight redesign in the headlights and tail lights as well. The new Nano will also feature an operable tailgate for east access to both the boot and the engine compartment.

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