‘Superhot’ Xbox One

supershot-xboxThe unique shooter Superhot is coming to Xbox One on May 3rd. Ostensibly an FPS, the broad pitch is “time moves only when you move,” but that’s not quite accurate — when you’re standing still, things just move very slowly. You have to clear highly stylized levels of polygonal enemies using whatever tools you’re given, while avoiding their one-shot-kill attacks. That’s easier said than done, and as the challenges get tougher, you’ll die a lot. Eventually, it plays out more like a puzzle game, with a few pre-determined paths leading to victory.

Superhot hit PC, Mac and Linux back in February, and was received very well. It was supposed to come to Xbox One a “few weeks” after the PC release. There have obviously been some issues to work through on the game’s route to Microsoft’s console, but with those overcome, Xbox One owners will be able to experience a truly individual game for themselves

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