RCom hikes mobile call rates

Reliance-Communications_2Reliance Communications has said that it has increased its mobile call rates.

The company said that it has hiked mobile call rates for both its GSM and CDMA pre-paid customers by up to 30 per cent to improve profits.

RCom’s chief executive officer for Wireless Business, Gurdeep Singh, said, “We have now corrected all Commitment Plans across the country and have increased tariffs by between 20 per cent and 30 per cent.” 

The new tariffs would apply to all customers with immediate effect and the move is aimed at bringing in greater RPMs (revenue per minute) and profitability.

Singth continued, “With the Indian telecom industry now heading for a phase of consolidation, with smaller operators shutting down or scaling down their operations and easing off hyper-competitive pressures, this will help pricing power move back to serious, long-term and pan-India scale operators and positively impact profitability.”

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