Prisma app is now on Android

Prisma androidHere’s some good news for Android users, the hugely-popular Prisma photo-editing app is out of beta and is beta and is now available for allAndroid users via the Google Play Store. The free app weighs 7MB and would requires Android 4.1 KitKat OS and later versions to run.

The photo-editing app was first launched on iOS and quickly became a rage because of its hand sketch-like effects. Users can simply click an image from their device’s front or rear cameras and choose the effects they want to apply. Users get a total of 36 filters. However, applying the filter on images for the first time might take about a minute. The intensity of the filter can also be controlled.

Unlike most other photo-editing apps, which simply overlap the filter effect on the existing image, Prisma app creates the complete image from ground-up using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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