Paytm Refer – Win Tablet or Mobile

What is the Paytm Referral Program?

It’s you, shouting-out to everyone you know about Paytm’s awesome recharge experience. Bring your friends to Paytm and you and the friend will be winners. Sharing you awesome experience with friends has never been more rewarding.


At Paytm, we feel everyone should get a shot at winning so we’ve raised the stakes. There are five iPads, five Samsung Ace Duos and five Samsung Galaxy Y to be won! AND for every new friend you bring to Paytm we give both of you Rs. 10 Paytm Cash. It is two weeks of sheer referral madness.

What do I have a shot at winning?

If you bring 50 friends or more you have a shot at winning an iPad. There are five iPads up for grabs guys. Get more than 10 friends on Paytm and you stand a chance to win a Samsung Ace Duos. If you have referred more than one friend you can still win a Samsung Galaxy Y. They say good things come in threes, we say they come in FIVES! Yes, there are five of each to be won! AND that’s not all; there’s Rs. 10 Paytm Cash [?] for you and every new friend you bring to Paytm.

Is this for real?

You can bet all your piggy bank savings it is for real and here to stay! So far we’ve had two great guys who made an even greater effort and were rewarded. You can read about our winner at ‘Stay Charged’!

How can I join?

1.       Go to our Referral section.

2.       Create your personalized referral link by entering a nickname.

3.       Share the link on every social networking site or via email. You could even blog about it.

4.       Get everyone you know to join Paytm, via your referral link.

Since you are sharing, we’d like to share some Referral tips, tricks and all that to help you get more referrals and increase your winnings!

At, everyone gets a shot at winning!

Stay charged!

[Warning: Persistent sharing of your Referral Link could result in winning any of the above mentioned goodies]

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