, Women’s social shopping launched

limeroad.comLimeRoad, a Gurgaon-based e-commerce start-up, has launched a social shopping platform, exclusively targeting women.

Unlike other Web sites, this one gives users the catalogue experience; they can move from one page to another, using the keyboard ‘arrows’.

With 40 employees, the company has tied up with 100 local vendors, including traditional jewellers and handicraft shops, in nine cities.

“In India, we have tied up with courier services to ship to 7,000 pincodes. In the next month, we will start international operations. To begin with, we will open the site for women in the US and the UK,” Manish Saksena, President and Co-founder of LimeRoad, said.

Addressing a press conference here, Sakesena said the company has introduced an app that allows the users to zoom into the product many times over, to compensate for the feeling that they cannot ‘feel’ the product.

The firm, which allows both online payments and cash on delivery, runs a warehouse in Delhi. It picks up the products from vendors in various cities and delivers them to the respective consumers.

“We are not just an e-commerce firm. We offer info on food, fitness and everything a home needs. Customers need not wait till their next visit to Hyderabad to buy, say, a pearl necklace. They can buy it from the best pearl house, without having to pay more,” Suchi Mukherjee, Chief Executive Officer, said.

Lightspeed Venture Partners and Matrix Partners India invested $5 million in the company recently.

“We do not need further funding in the immediate future. We can fund our international foray ourselves,” Manish said.

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