Intel launches 4th Generation Processor

Intel fourth generation processors

Soon, gaming aficionados can wave their hands to control a game on their tablets or laptops.

Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, PC Client Group, Intel Corporation, showed how gestures can control a game while demonstrating the features of a tablet-PC at an event titled “Computing Reinvented” held at Computex 2013 here on Tuesday.

The tablet-PC, called “Ultrabook 2-in-1”, uses the Intel 4th generation core processor, which was launched at the meet here.

It has security built-in with anti-theft technology, so the user can lock down an Ultrabook if it is lost or stolen. It has anti-virus and anti-malware protection built into it to secure online shopping, banking and gaming.

Mr. Skaugen said, “The Ultrabook “2-in-1”can be a PC when you need it and a tablet when you want it.”

Ultrabook devices are capable of offering more than six hours of full hard disk drive (HDD) media playback and over nine hours of idle power.

They all have touch capabilities with Intel Wireless Display and Wi-Fi. They have touch-and-flick capabilities.

“Fourth generation processors offer the most significant gain in battery life enabling ever achieved by Intel, up to double the graphics and significant CPU performance improvements that are delivering exciting new consumer experiences,” he said.

The processor will be immediately available for innovative desktops PCs and mobile work stations. Future availability is planned for Ultrabooks and tablet devices.

(The correspondent is in Taipei at the invitation of Intel)

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