Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Expected Price: Rs 25-30 lakh

Expected Time of Launch: Mid 2015

The Honda CR-V has always been seen as a likeable alternative to the big and brash full size SUVs available in India. For the new 2015 version, Honda seems to have upped the pace and has given it a refresh just couple of years since its last update. The 2015 Honda CR-V gets a new grille with a chrome bar at the bottom that nicely blends into the LEDs Daytime Running Lights. It also gets a larger front bumper that houses the new fog lamps.

Expect the 2015 Honda CR-V to hit the Indian market mid next year. Like the other Honda models on sale, the new CR-V too is likely to be launched with petrol and diesel engine options. also expect both manual and automatic version of the CR-V to trickle their way to India post launch.

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