Google Now finally comes to iOS with new updated Search app

Google Now finally comes to iOS with new updated Search appGoogle made headlines with Google Now when it launched Android 4.1 Jelly Bean last year, but the app remained exclusive to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices. Later, Google even launched a new widget for the app and an iOS promo was leaked, suggesting its imminent arrival on Apple’s platform. Now this has come to fruition as Google has updated its Search app for iOS, which now adds support for Google Now.

The look and feel of the app is almost identical to that of its Android sibling save for a few iOS specific interface elements and the lack of widgets. However, the main difference between the two platforms is that the iOS version cannot show as many cards as its Android version. It can only show 22 of the 29 type of cards it shows on Android.

On iOS, the app cannot be launched via a system wide shortcut like on Android and it cannot run the same kind of background sync. However, the app remains cognisant of ones location using the built in location feature. It will also not push high priority notifications using notification centre on iOS like it can on Android, which limits the utility of the app to a certain degree.

Google Now will have the ability to pull appointments from Google Calendar, but will not be able to use the local or third party calendar apps. The new Google Search app can be downloaded from the App store if you want some Google Now love.

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