Deactivate Unwanted Services (VAS) on All Mobile Networks

How to Deactivate Unwanted Services (VAS) on All Mobile Networks?

Friends, I know mostly people get irritate from the <b>unwanted services activation</b> on their mobile number. By the activation of these kind of services you also loss your mobile balance. People also call to customer care but even then these unwanted services are activated on their mobiles. Some people change their connection due to these kind of problems. Because every person don’t want to lose his or her mobile balance without any reason. In this article we have a solution for you. In this article we give you the way to deactivate all unwanted services from your mobile balance stolen

Mobile operators forcing their users to activate value added services. most of VAS services are auto renewable type which deducts account balance continuously when user recharge his mobile. So it is a big problem for mobile users to find what service is activated on their mobile and solution for how to deactivate that. they need to struggle hard to get refund and in most cases deducted amount will not be refunded.

Solution: How to Deactivate All unwanted Services on Your Mobile Number?

If any value added service is mistakenly activated on your mobile then follow the steps given below:
  • Just dial 155223 on your mobile. It is Toll Free mobile number. or send SMS  STOP to 155223
  • Choose your Language. ( Optional Step on Some Operators.)
  • Then automatic system will speak about all activated services and tell you to press a button to deactivate particular service if it is activated on your mobile. For example: Press 1 to deactivate Caller Tune Service etc.
  • Then listen to them and press the key to deactivate any particular service.
  • If you Register a complaint about that within 24 hours of service activation, then Your amount will be refunded by the service provider.
  • Enjoy with this trick and deactivate all unwanted services from your mobile number.
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced this new service to improve the quality of service in telecom industry and 155223 is common for all mobile operators, this number works all over India. I hope my this article will help you. Don’t forgot to share this article with your friends from the social tab on the left hand side. If you have any problem then you can ask us in the comment box below.

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