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Google to Launch App YouTube Go


Google on Tuesday launched a new YouTube app built from the ground up for India, called YouTube Go. The app will slowly roll out, but people can sign up to be notified when YouTube Go launches. According to the YouTube blog, Youtube Go has been built to be offline-first, and to focus on minimising data costs. Read more

Google Launched: Allo


Introducing Google Allo, a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition. Read more

DigiLocker: Drive with soft copy of your Driving license, RC

Drivinglicence in DigiLocker

You will soon be able to drive without having to carry your driving licence and registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle by keeping them in ‘DigiLocker‘. Read more

Moto File Manager added to Google Play Store

Moto File Manager added to Google Play Store

Motorola was the first major smartphone maker to start putting its stock apps in the Play Store. Before that, OEMs would only update those apps as part of an OTA update. It sounds positively barbaric by today’s standards. Motorola isn’t done yet, though. Just today it added its stock file manager to the Play Store. You won’t see much in the way of improvements this time, but who knows what the future could bring? Read more

Google Duo Launched – The simple video calling app


Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person, but too often it can be a frustrating or complicated experience. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your call will connect, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are. It’s no wonder that nearly half of us never make video calls on mobile*. Read more

Prisma app is now on Android

Prisma androidHere’s some good news for Android users, the hugely-popular Prisma photo-editing app is out of beta and is beta and is now available for allAndroid users via the Google Play Store. The free app weighs 7MB and would requires Android 4.1 KitKat OS and later versions to run. Read more

Google Android N is Nougat

Android-NAndroid N now has a name, and it’s Nougat.

The official title of Google’s next operating system for Android phones has been a long time coming. First it was a sneak peek back in March, followed by a contest that let fans vote on the name (even though Google then said it would choose what it wanted anyway). But now that that’s settled, all we can do is wait for Google to introduce Nougat on the new Nexus phones this fall. (Maybe even this one.)

Let’s take a look at the top features we’re waiting for.

Google Assistant

The new Assistant software will let you engage in more natural back-and-forth dialogue with the Android device than you can with Now (Google’s current digital and search assistant), in order to get things done, like research a restaurant and make a reservation through OpenTable.

Instant Apps

Timed with the release of Nougat but also available on phones running OS versions as old as Android Jelly Bean, Instant Apps lets you access or use certain apps without having to download and install said apps. This is especially useful for digital payment transactions, where you can pay with Android Payinstead of whatever system the app would have made you use.


Looking at two apps at once will become standard on Android phones and tablets. With multiwindow, you can see apps in a split screen. This feature has been available on Samsung and LG phones for a few years, and now it’ll come to many more Android devices. It’s also very similar to what the Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro can do, thanks to Apple’s latest OS, iOS 9.

Google’s adding a picture-in-picture option for apps that play video, too, similar to what we’ve seen on the iPad Air. That means, you should be able to watch a YouTube video while also browsing Twitter, or perhaps check email while watching a movie through Google Play.

Reply in a notification

Brought over from Android Wear watches, Google now lets you reply to text messages from the notification shade. When you get a new message, a little alert will pop up at the top of the screen and you can type your reply right there and go back to what you were doing. iOS has had a similar feature for awhile, so it’s great to see it come to Android.

Bundles of notifications

If your notification menu is a mess of alerts, this feature might help. Developers will be able to group together notifications from their app. You’ll see a bundle of notifications from each app in the menu, and you’ll just tap the bundle to expand it and see each individual alert.

Again, iOS has something like this for its notification menu that you have to manually toggle on, so it’s a welcome addition to Android too.

Doze on the Go

Android 6.0 Marshmallow was the first to get Doze, a battery-saving setting that halts background computing and kicks in when your phone is not in use and sitting still. Doze on the Go does the same thing, except your phone can be in motion (like if it’s inside your pocket sitting idle). Google’s also working on Project Svelte, which aims to reduce the amount of memory Android needs. The goal is to bring the latest versions of Android to more devices, especially those with lower-end specs.

Night Mode

Similar to Apple’s Night Shift feature, Night Mode aims to reduce eye strain from viewing a bright display at night. This setting tints the screen yellow, which keeps you less revved up in later hours than the usual blue tint. You can also adjust the brightness and tint of the sepia hue.

More to come?

Though we’ve seen a lot of sneak peeks, we still don’t know everything that’ll come to the final Nougat. If you’re feeling brave and curious, a beta version is already available for Google Nexus 6P,5X, 6, 9 and Pixel C tablet owners to test.

Facebook’s New Translation Tool

facebook Translate PostsEarlier this year, Facebook launched a “multilingual composer” to let Pages share posts with diverse audiences in many languages, automatically serving individual users the post in their preferred language. Read more

ESPN to launched mobile app for India

espn_mobile_appSports broadcaster ESPN will launch a localised version of its mobile app for India, which is the first market outside the US for such a rollout.

The app and the website aim to provide fans a one stop destination for news, features and videos across sports currently underserved by any digital offering in the region, such as football, hockey, badminton, tennis, Formula 1, and kabaddi. The cricket related content will be powered by ESPNcricinfo. Read more

‘Google Assistant’ To Help With Daily Tasks

GoogleAssitantTaking on intelligent virtual friends like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, Indian-born Sundar Pichai has announced “Google Assistant” which will help you with daily tasks like booking movie tickets.

Pichai also unveiled “Google Home” – a voice-activated product that brings “Google Assistant” to any room in your house, a new messaging app called “Allo” and video calling feature “Duo” as the company kicked off “Google I/O,” its annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, on Wednesday. Read more