Bsnl Modem Charges / Price

ADSL: ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line) modems are used for accessing Broadband through telephone lines upto speeds of 12 Mbps depending upon the distance and quality of line.

WiFi: ADSL / VDSL modems with WiFi are suitable for broadband access through wireless i.e. within the home or office. Customers using Laptop may opt for this modem.

TA : Using modems with Terminal Adapter (TA), customers will be able to make voice calls through BSNL server. BSNL is planning to launch this service shortly.

VDSL: VDSL (Very high Speed Digital Subscriber line) modems are used for accessing very high speed Broadband of 16 Mbps and above. Upto a distance of 1 Km VDSL modem can be used.

Modem Charges

Modem Type
Nomenclature ADSL Basic ADSL WiFi-2 ADSL-WiFi-TA VDSL WiFi
Short Nomenclature Type-B1/B2 Type-W1/W2 Type-WT Type-VD
Modem Sale Price (one time Charges)* Rs.1100 Rs.1800 Rs.2250 Rs.2950
Monthly Rental Rs.50 Rs.80 Rs.100 Rs.130
Monthly Rental after 24 months Rs. 25 Rs. 40 Rs. 50 Rs. 65

* Inclusive of VAT/Sale Tax

Modem Features

Features Type-B1 Type-B2 Type-W2 Type-WT Type-VD
USB Port 1 1 1 1 1
Ethernet Ports 1 4 4 4 4
WiFi Enable No No Yes Yes Yes
VoIP Enable No No No Yes No

BSNL Broadband – Initial and other Charges

Installation charges Rs 250(If modem taken from BSNL on rent/ Self arranged)
Security Deposit of Modem (refundable) Rs 500 (if applicable)
Advance Monthly Rental for Modem According to type of Modem (As applicable)
Security DepositĀ  for BB One month charges as per Plan (or as applicable)
Advance Monthly Rental for BB As per billing cycle (one Month /two months)
Shifting Charges Nil
Change of Plan Charges Nil

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