Boogie Board Rip in India

The Tree-friendly, Electronic Alternative to Paper Note Books, Legal Pads and Sketch Pads.

The Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablet combines the exceptional, paper-like writing experience of all Boogie Board eWriters with the ability to record your written and drawn images and save them as electronic files with the touch of a computer and transfer saved files for editing, organizing, archiving and/or sharing!

  • Provides a completely electronic medium for creating and preserving notes and drawings
  • Eliminates stacks of unmanageable paper note books and pads
  • Reduces paper consumption
  • Simplifies organization of notes –  easily search and find saved files by date/name on your PC
  • Makes writing, drawing and learning fun!


File type: Vector PDF(editable in Adobe Illustrator)
File capacity: 200 typical images (8MB)
Battery Type: Rechargeable (Polymer Lithium Ion)
Charge Life: Standby time: 60 days
Usage time: 1 week (typical usage)
Weight: 325g (without stylus), 332g (with stylus)
Operating Temp. : 50 to 104o F (10 to 40o C)
Storage Temp. : 14 to 114o F (-10 to 45o C)
Packing Contents: Includes Tablet Stylus, USB Cable, Cleaning Cloth, and User Guide

Price in India : Rs. 6,290.00/- INR

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Boogie Board Basics

  1. Status indicatorThe status indicator flashes when the Boogie Board Rip Tablet is awake and ready to save images.
  2. Erase buttonPush the erase button after each image is completed and saved to clear your image and start over.
  3. Save/Wake buttonPush the save/wake button before you begin writing/drawing to ‘wake’ the tablet, and push it again after your image is complete to record the image to the tablet’s internal memory as a PDF.
  4. Erase LockEnable the erase lock switch to ensure your image is not accidentally erased.
  5. 9.5″ LCD Writing Surface (measured diagonally)The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface provides extra room for notes and drawings. Also easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Micro USB PortEasily connect the Boogie Board Rip Tablet to your computer with the micro USB port and the USB connection cable (included).
  7. Rechargeable BatteryThe Boogie Board Rip Tablet’s rechargeable battery lasts more than a week between charges (with typical usage).
  8. StylusThe stylus (included) features electro-magnetic technology.

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