Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

No Need to Recharge Battery..
No Power Needed.
It will Work 5-6 years with in built Battery.
Very Very Slim 0.6cm.

Product Features:

Paperless LCD writing tablet

Write or doodle with the stainless steel, telescopic stylus

Use any non-scratchy tool to write: finger, pen cap, plastic compass, stiff brush

Pressure-sensitive surface allows you to vary line weight

About as much writing space as a half sheet of letter sized paper

LCD display lasts for approximately 50,000 uses

The battery will last 6 years if screen is erased 20 times a day

Ultra portable: Only 3mm thick and 120g

Erase with the touch of a button (and a cool flash from the display)

Durable materials will withstand years of use and abuse

Original Price Rs. 3,300/-

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